School Finance Manager

Job Title: School Finance Manager

Employment Type: Full Time

Location: Lekki

Salary: 250k Gross

Our client a learning institution is looking to fill the position of a Finance Manager. The Finance Manager will be responsible for managing finances and ensuring the financial stability and sustainability needed to fund the organizations’ mission and activities.



1.           Observation

a.  Track all data pertinent to the preparation of the Organizations’ budgets, such as  government policy changes, the current value of the Naira, inflation rates, trends in Organizations fees, staff salary / benefits, and any other items with potential impact on the Organizations’s income and/or expenditure.

a.   Identify investment trends as well as opportunities for the financial 
stability and profitability of the Organizations.

b.    Research on new trends in industry business and financial services best practice.

2.           Planning and Development

a.    Create comparative analysis of financial patterns from prior years to inform budgeting and planning across all organizations.

b.     Assist the Executive Director with the preparation of the Organizations’

c.      Plan Business Services annual calendar – Pension remittance, tax liabilities, events, loan payments, salaries, licensing, et cetera, in relation to revenue generated by the Organizations

d.      Validate the budget for the new financial year on the Organizations’ ERP platforms.

3.           Prepared Environment

a.           Ensure all work tools, spaces and technology assigned for the position are in a condition reflective of the excellent standards the organizations aspire to.

b.           Ensure that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place with respect to all the tasks carried out by the position.

4.           Implementation

a.           Attend to the Implementation of the budget, ensuring procedural integrity, seeking external expert advice where necessary, and recommending solutions to arising problems to the Executive Director.

b.           Maintain financial reports, records, and general ledgers and perform general bookkeeping.

c.            Handle all billing and payment activities – tuition invoicing, operating expenses, payroll, FX transactions, imports, cash handling, collections, disbursements, banking, investments, et cetera.

d. Ensure an Internal control system is in place to check expenses, spending, and budget allocation.

e.  Advise on compliance with legislation and guidance, for example, LIRS, FIRS,PENCOM, et cetera .

f.    Ensure the Organizations is up-to-date in compliance with all statutory
obligations, and handle all contact/relationship management as delegated by the Administrator.

5.           Record Keeping

a.   Ensure all necessary students, faculty, vendors, contractors and other stakeholder transaction records are kept, stored, and accessible using the data platforms subscribed to by the Organizations, and archived as needed. 

b.  Maintain all records of the activities in your job description as set out, to
aid the sustainability of the role.

c.  Provide all necessary records for the auditors as necessary.

6.   Assessments and Reports

a.  Provide reports for the ED in line with all the tasks outlined in your
responsibilities. Ensure the reports are user-friendly.

b.   Have an updated knowledge of Financial reporting standards and ensure their implementation in the finance of the Organizations.

c.    Provide regular reports to the Executive Director about the finances of the Organizations.

7.   Community Building

a.  Establish and maintain effective relationships and formal/informal networks with internal and external stakeholders including teaching and non-teaching staff, and community representatives to promote and support the Organizations’ vision, mission, operations and statutory requirements.

b.   Build trust through caring behaviour and identify/deal with the content and emotion of interactions.

c.    Resolve all conflicts in a manner consistent with each organization’s culturE and policy expectations.

8.    Intervention

a.   Provide options to the Executive Director to resolve financial difficulties always in line with each organization’s vision and core values.


  • Sound knowledge of financial management and accounting best practice and procedures
  • ERP Technology
  • Use of Microsoft Office Suite – Excel, PowerPoint, Word
  • Problem Solving and Analytical Skills
  • Excellent communication– vocabulary, articulation, written.
  • Systems  Thinking
  • Data informed decision making and sound judgment


  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Accountants
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in Accounts Management.

Job Category: Accountancy Finance
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Lekki

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