I remember in 2009, at the time when I had graduated with a distinction from my Master’s degree. It was so exciting to just be getting ready to go into the real world.

I had looked forward to being independent and actually earn “my own income”. For some strange reason, it just never occurred to me to find out the salary range for graduates. It is almost as if I assumed in my subconscious, that I will start working and earn tangible income.

After submitting my CV on different job portals, and by email to various companies, I was quite disappointed that my CV had gained absolutely zero traction.

Leverage On Developed Relationships

leveraging relationships for job interview

I kept wondering with utmost disappointment, “only if I could get a chance at an actual interview”.

One beautiful Tuesday morning, I decided to call a couple of my friends to enquire about volunteer job opportunities at their various offices. I had come to a point where I was more desperate to actually build capacity and work experience beyond just finances.

I called one of my friends – Debola and shared my plight with him. He immediately responded “sure, send me your cv, I will speak to my boss and put in some recommendation for you”. Needless to say, Debola received my CV within five (5) minutes of our telephone conversation. Within fifteen (15) minutes from submitting my cv, my phone begins to ring….. It was Debola. I quickly picked up the phone with excitement.

The feedback that changed my life forever

Me: “Hello Debola, thank you so much. I suppose you have received my CV, please help a sister with recommendations for any possible vacancies in your company”

Debola: “Rebecca, if I didn’t know any better or know how smart or sound you were, I would have never believed that this is your CV. Your CV does not in any way reflect how sound and meticulous you are. Let me share a copy of mine with you. You may then compare and amend yours”

Your CV Should reflect your value

Needless to say, that advise made a 360-degree revamp on my CV and career. I immediately reviewed my CV. All of a sudden, my eyes opened to the fact that my CV was completely disorganized, poorly worded, unpresentable and indeed zero percent reflection of my capacity. I was ignorant, yet ignorance is no excuse.

I later realized that the employers whom I had previously applied for jobs through probably threw my old CV straight into the trash button. I went on to secure a good job in an Engineering company within only a duration of one month after revamping my CV.

This was eleven years ago….. The rest is history……. I would never overemphasize this enough, your CV speaks on your behalf when you are not present to speak for yourself, make sure that your CV truly reflects your value.

——– True life story by Seun Adewumi ——–

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